2021 Dates Just Released!!

July 11th- 17th, 2021

Welcome to paradise.

The Soul Renewal retreat is a week long rejuvenative experience designed to return you to your natural state of rich abundance.

Through yoga practices curated to nourish your soul from within, we will journey home together to lost territory due to the business of daily life, and excavate what has built up in the body and mind from our past experiences and patterns of habit.
Without intending to, we accumulate these patterns which lead to limiting beliefs, blocks in our energy and an overall feeling of "stuck-ness". From this type of existence, often we lose sight of our true nature and in turn dampen the fires of the soul.

This yoga retreat will be a powerful journey or re-establishing your innate potential with breath, conscious movement, profound meditations, nourishing fresh food, healing body treatments, and exciting adventures set in the exquisite location of Costa Rica.

Each practice building upon the next as we stoke the embers of your soul to set your life ablaze.

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Set in one of the most naturally beautiful places in the world- our retreat center is nestled in the jungle right on the ocean.

Each meal is prepared by local chefs focusing on the abundant organic produce native to Osa, Costa Rica.

There will be daily yoga practices to help you feel connected, alive, and restored.

In addition to 1-2 yoga classes a day, there will be specialized workshops offered for Thai Massage and Yin Trigger Point Therapy.

For those who want adventure, there will be jungle hikes, surfing, tree climbing, waterfall rappelling, and more. For those who want a more restorative trip there are hours to spend relaxing in the sun, getting a local plant inspired body treatment, or listening to the waves during an outdoor, magical massage.

Of course, you are welcome to mix and match to customize your healing experience.

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